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Are falls more deadly for older adults?

As people age, their chances of suffering a fall increase. A variety of factors – including balance and mobility issues, cognitive decline, vision problems and medications – make them more vulnerable to falls. Moreover, when an older person falls, they’re more likely...

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A Car Accident May Cause Hidden Injuries

Car accidents can be traumatic and may cause serious injuries. Some of the common injuries may include broken bones and deep lacerations. However, other injuries that may not be apparent immediately after an accident. During a car crash, your adrenaline may mask pain...

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3 Common Mistakes Drivers Make After Car Crashes

Car crashes are chaotic experiences that can make it hard for victims to think rationally. Unfortunately, some people who feel discombobulated after a collision end up making mistakes that will cost them dearly in the future. It is all too easy to overlook personal...

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