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Can you keep biking as the weather changes?

All spring, summer and throughout early fall, you rode your bike as your main means of transportation. You loved it. Not only did it reduce your environmental impact, but it helped you get into excellent shape.  Now that the winter is coming on, you do not want to...

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The many risks of wintertime driving

With summer in the rearview mirror and the winter months closing in fast, it’s important to adjust your approach to the road. There are many risks associated with wintertime driving in Saratoga Springs, including but not limited to the following: Slick roadways: From...

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Why don’t people keep their eyes on the road?

It often feels like many of the driving mistakes you see are just because people violate one fundamental rule of driving: They fail to keep their eyes on the road.  A driver who is looking over at a passenger may not see a green light go to yellow and then red, for...

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